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Proofreading services are often overlooked by businesses.  After all, if you have spell check and grammar check on your word processing program, you have nothing to worry about, right?  While these tools are certainly going to help you avoid some of the most common mistakes, this doesn’t mean you can rely on them entirely.  Even computers make mistakes when it comes to proofreading.  With professional proofreading services, you can make sure each word is exactly what you want to say.

Why Proofreading Services are Necessary

Whether you’re a business executive, a business owner, a student, or anyone else wanting to improve the quality of your written documents or website, Words of Value offers top quality proofreading and editing services customized to meet your exact requirements and needs.

What you might not realize is that proofreading services allow you to breathe a sigh of relief.  Instead of worrying about a client or a partner pointing out a minor mistake you’ve made on your site or in some copy, you can send or post your work without worries.  Here’s why a proofreader outdoes a computer’s proofreading services:

  • Words that sound the same – When you’re typing in a document, you type what you are thinking, but your fingers don’t always get the memo.  They will type in patterns they are accustomed to.  Often, when you are thinking of one word, like ‘there,’ you might type ‘their.’  Both of these words are spelled correctly, but they are not the same word and they don’t provide the same meaning.  However, a computer may not be able to pick up on these sorts of errors, but proofreading services will.
  • Typos that aren’t typos – You might have every intention of spelling a word a certain way for a certain purpose, depending on your business needs.  But the computer may tell you that it needs to be corrected.  So, you trust the computer’s proofreading program, but proofreading services will be able to see that this word is meant to be spelled a certain way and keep it that way.
  • Computer errors – Yes, even computers can make mistakes in your copy, no matter how brilliant they might be.  You can’t put all of your faith into a computer program since it’s not thinking the same way you are.
  • Small mistakes make a big bad impression – Proofreading services are necessary because even the smallest mistake in your copy, website, or other document may give the impression you don’t care about your words.  Not good.

How Proofreading Services Benefit YouProofreading Services

Choosing to use proofreading services might come after a particularly embarrassing situation with a client or a website visitor.  They’ve pointed something out and you rushed to correct it.  While this proofreading incident may not have been problematic to your overall business future, here’s what will happen when you employ a proofreader and proofreading services on a continual basis:

  • You will attract high quality clients – When clients see that you are serious about your writing, they will feel more confident in your ability to help them with their work.  If you are committed to your own quality, it stands to reason that proofreading services will show you are committed to your client’s quality too.
  • You will be able to raise your prices – Yes, when you have a flawless website or project, you will be able to raise your prices without anyone being offended.  Your work is of a higher caliber when you use a proofreader and proofreading services, so you deserve to make more money as a result.
  • You will create stronger copy – When you use proofreading services, you won’t have to explain what you mean since the words will flow and the meaning will be clear from beginning to end.
Who Proofreading Services Help

Don’t think you’re a good fit for proofreading services?  Here are some of the types of clients Words of Value has helped in the past:


If you have an important contract to write up to send to your boss, you need to make sure it doesn’t contain embarrassing errors.  We’ve helped clients with contracts, copy, and other business and corporate documents that need to have a professional look.


Our proofreading services are also helpful for those who have already written a book and are in the submission phase.  They don’t have time to proof their work, but our proofreaders do.


When students have dissertations and other important assignments to turn in, it never hurts to have a fresh eye look over the paper to correct any errors.  Since mistakes can add up to a loss of a grade, students can benefit tremendously from our proofreading services.

Personal Documents

If you have documents you need to prepare for an adoption or for another personal reason, why not have a proofreader look them over?  We can quickly correct mistakes and let you know how to ensure your document is accurate.

Non-English Speaking Clients

When your written English needs some work, you might want our proofreading services to help.  We’ll correct any grammatical or word choice errors and help you make the best impression with your written communication.

Government Departments

While the government might not make a lot of mistakes, our proofreading services can help to make sure contracts, documents, and classified information is free of errors.

With the proofreading services at Words of Value, you can be certain your proofreading tasks will be completed quickly, efficiently, and accurately.  You don’t have to worry anymore about being your own proofreader.  Let us do the work for you!

Why Proofreading Services are Necessary

We have expert proofreaders who will ensure that your written work is completely error-free.

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