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Over the past ten years, Business Plan Consulting has worked with businesses to create effective, successful, and productive business plans. These plans have gone on to secure funding and capital from a wide range of investors and lenders. Through the use of business plan consulting services, a business will be able to ensure their business plan produces results.

Our business plan writers can prepare:


Custom Business Plans – We will work alongside you to create a business plan that is customized to your needs, your goals, and your intended outcome. Instead of using a template, we will write the business plan word by word to ensure maximum success with investors.

Brief Business Plans – If time is an issue, our brief business plans will help you secure an investment, with your business plan in hand within two weeks’ time. This doesn’t mean that quality is sacrificed in the process – our 10 years’ worth of experience in business plan consulting enables us to prepare excellent business plans efficiently, within a short time frame. Having a business plan quickly is a priority for many clients – and we are here to help!

Business Plan Reviews – We can also offer you an opportunity to have your current business plan reviewed by business plan experts. Together, we will look to ensure your plan is ready to go or if there are changes that still need to be made.

Marketing Business Plan – When presenting your business plan, you need to show you have marketing ideas and plans in mind. These will help you show investors that you have a plan to make a profit quickly.

Business Plan Coaching – Our coaching team will help you review your business plan or get started on a new plan. With you in control, you get to decide whether you want our coaches to do the work or if you want to continue to complete the plan on your own. It’s up to you.

Business Plan for a Bank Loan – If you’re interested in securing a bank loan for your business, our bank loan business plan consultants can help. With experience in handling bank loan applications and business plans, they can ensure you have presented all of the pertinent information in a professional manner.

Business Plan Financial Projections – Creating long-term projections can be tricky, but they are a vital part of a business plan. Business Plan Consulting can help you begin to create financial projections to support your business plan when it’s presented to investors.

Selling Memorandum for Mergers and Acquisitions – When you are selling your business to another business, we can help you create a strong description of your business to increase its perceived value and ensure you receive the best price. Conversely, when you are buying another company, we can help you write up a memorandum that shows the reasons why you would make the best buyer.

Business Plan Presentation and Pitching to Investors – If you need a PowerPoint presentation to help you present your business plan to investors, we can help. We will work with you to create a professional presentation that increases your chances of securing investments.

In any of these business plan consulting situations, Business Plan Consulting will help you achieve the best possible outcome. We listen to your needs and address each of your concerns before the business plan is completed. With each client, we give our undivided attention, helping you to have the best chance of success, no matter your long-term or short-term goals. Together, we can create value for your business ideas, one business plan at a time.

We have expert business plan writers who will prepare a top quality business plan with a compelling strategy and financial clarity.

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