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Businesses need a plan to ensure their ideas are more than just dreams and more than just ideas. Sometimes, the thought of creating a business plan can become overwhelming in the midst of everything else you need to do. At Words Of  Value Business Plan Consulting, we’ve spent the last ten years helping businesses get their business plan written down, organized, and ready to be implemented. No matter if you need to find capital, to attract new business partners, or to become involved in a strategic transaction, our writers will help you craft the perfect plan.

Different Types of Business Plans for Different Business Needs

When a business starts out, they have different needs, depending on their starting point. After all, a completely new business has different needs than someone who wants to ramp up their current clientele and profit margin.

At Business Plan Consulting, our business plans can help all businesses, big and small:

• Find joint venture capital
• Raise capital
• Secure a bank loan
• Manage a merger
• Handle an acquisition smoothly
• Achieve all of your business goals

The truth is that one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to a business plan. You need a professional plan, one that takes into consideration your needs, your goals, and the impression you want to project to those who read it. This is not a time for a form letter or to use a business plan that worked in the past. You need something more valuable – you need Business Plan Consulting.

Our Business Plan Writers offer:

Business Plan Consulting – The consulting services we offer help you further refine your business plan with the help of highly educated writers. You will get a professional consultation to ensure your plan moves forward smoothly.

Business Plan Reviews – This is a process in which we review the business plan you already have and tell you what changes may need to be made. This allows you to work with the words you already have to make them even more effective.

Business Plan Coaching – In the coaching model, we work with you to see how you can make changes to your business plan. Together with one of our professionals, you can have a more collaborative experience.

Business Plan Financial Projections – When you need to create a business plan for a loan or venture capital, we can help you with the projection calculations. In doing so, the bank or venture capitalist will see you have a clear direction to take their funding.

Benefits of Hiring A Professional Business Plan Writer:

When you have professional needs, you need to have professional resources at your disposal. While you could hire any writer to come up with a business plan, it makes more sense to use a writing agency that has the experience, the training, and the understanding of business your plan requires.

Words of Value Business Plan Consulting offers you:

• Professionalism
• Experience
• Dedicated project manager
• Reasonable fees
• Quick return of project
• Nearly 100% securing of meetings with venture clients
• The right business plan the first time
• No high pressure sales tactics
• Continued support
• A high success rate of securing capital

We have expert business plan writers who will prepare a top quality business plan with a compelling strategy and financial clarity.

What else could you ask for?

Contact us now and let us develop your business plan so you raise money and grow a successful business!

Business Plan Writer

Over the past ten years, Business Plan Consulting has worked with businesses to create effective, successful, and productive business plans.

Financial Projections

The creation of a strong financial projection summary for a lender, board of directors, or other investor is essential when starting a business or looking for additional capital.

Business Plan Reviews

If your business plan is ready to go, but you want someone else to look at it, the Business Plan Review services from Business Plan Consulting is just what you need.

Marketing Plan

At Business Plan Consulting, we can help you create a marketing plan which will not only address your business’ specific market needs, but will also give you the tools you need to ensure your success.


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