Brief Business Plans

Sometimes, you just don’t have a lot of time to create a business plan on your own, which is why Business Plan Consulting developed Brief Business Plans.  Within two weeks, you will have a powerful and well-written business plan in your hands, ready to show to investors, your board of directors, or another audience.  Without sacrificing quality, a Brief Business Plan allows you to have a plan readily available to show to others, even when time is tight.

When you have a smaller company, the Brief Business Plan makes more sense since the amount of information you need to include in the plan is minimal.  The more information you have to share, the longer the plan would need to be, and the more time we would need to help you prepare such a plan.

Our Customized Business Plans, for example, can take several months to complete as the information is more intensive and extensive.  On the other hand, a Brief Business Plan can take us about 1 – 2 weeks to complete.

Our Brief Business Plan enables you to have a comprehensive but simple and concise business plan that can be ready within 1 -2 weeks for presentation to investors, lenders or business partners.

Words of Value Brief Business Plans are between 14 and 18 pages and include:

  • Executive Summary, Company Overview
  • Products and Services, Description of Industry and Market, Target Market, Competition
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Management and Organization
  • Financial Summary – 3 or 5 Year Projected Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss Statement, Cash Flow Statement, Break Even Analysis
  • Charts and Tables, as needed


The first draft of your Brief Business Plan will be ready for you to review within a week, helping you to see how our professional team of business consultants and writers has created the perfect plan for you.  Once you have had time to review the document, our writers will implement any changes you want us to make, provided you have sent accurate information.

NM Business Plan Consultants Brief Business Plans give you the chance to create your first business plan without the lengthy process or high price of other services. Since you need to have your business plan be accurate the first time, it makes sense to have a team of professional business writers do the work for you.

Contact us now and let us develop your business plan so you raise money and grow a successful company!