Financial Projections

The creation of a strong financial projection summary for a lender, board of directors, or other investor is essential when starting a business or looking for additional capital. At Business Plan Consulting, we can help you create a financial projection sheet. This projection will include the following forecasts:

• Balance sheet
• Income statement
• Cash flow projections

For up to five years, this financial project sheet will be customized to your company’s needs, helping to complement a business plan statement or to be presented on its own.

With our professional team of business writers, Business Plan Consulting will work with you each step of the way to ensure your business has a strong financial projection summary. We will look at your costs and expenses, as well as income and revenue estimates. When this information is compiled, a clear summary of your company’s financial future will be ready to present to investors.

Contact us now and let our business plan consultants develop your business plan and financial projections so you raise money and grow a successful business!