Merger & Acquisition

Selling Memorandum for Merger and Acquisition

While it might seem a far way off, there may come a time when you need to sell your company or when you need to sell a part of your successful business. With the help of Business Plan Consulting, you can make sure that your selling memorandum is effective. By preparing a professional Selling Memorandum for Merger and Acquisition, you will be able to sway investors and show the true value of your company for the market.

Those who read your Selling Memorandum will learn about:

• What your business provides to the market.
• How your business accesses clients and customers.
• Who your business serves.
• What your company’s reputation is.
• The positive attributes of your business.
• The structure of your company.
• The many successes and achievements of your business.
• Financial forecasts for your company.
• Unique qualities of your company.
• The structures your business uses – buildings, offices, facilities, etc.

NM Business Plan consulting will help you create a strong argument for the sale of your company and highlight its worth, helping another investor see its potential and its long term success. This will increase your chances of selling, while also helping you obtain a fair market price for the transaction.

A merger and acquisition can be a streamlined process when you have a proper selling memorandum in place. With the professional business writing team at Business Plan Consulting, we will make sure the story of your business is told in such a way that your potential investors see what your company has to offer and how it can benefit their interests. A strong selling memorandum helps you convince investors that your business can be their success.

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