Letter Writing Services

Whether you wish to write a professional or business letter, a special fundraising letter, a condolence letter, a cover letter for a résumé or CV, or a thank you letter – we offer you letter writing services that will ensure that your message is clear and will achieve your desired outcome.

Our team of experienced writers will ensure that your letter contains all the key elements necessary for your message to be received clearly in fluent and correct English usage.

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Letter writing services might seem to be unnecessary in today’s world of email and virtual communication.  However, letters are still used to create connections between clients, between customers, and between businesses.  Each word you use helps to solidify relationships, or it can harm them.  With the professional letter writing services at Words of Value, you will be able to communicate clearly, no matter what the intention of your letter is.

Our letter writing services can help with: 
  • Acceptance Letters
  • College Intro Letters
  • Commendation Letters
  • Complaint Letters
  • Condolence Letters
  • Congratulations Letters
  • Cover Letters
  • E-Mail Letters
  • Fundraising Letters
  • Introductory Letters
  • Letters of Intent
  • Marketing Letters
  • Notification Letters
  • Promotional Letters
  • References
  • Rejection and Resignation Letters
  • Requests and Responses
  • Resumes and Applications
  • Sales Letters
  • Sympathy Letters
  • Thank You Letters


Why Letter Writing Services are Necessary

At Words of Value, we understand that letter writing services are necessary for a number of reasons.  With each word you send to another person or company, you are putting your company’s reputation on the line.  Are you certain you’re saying what needs to be said? 

  • Communication is crucial – Letters are often used to communicate ideas and decisions.  With letter writing services, you will be certain you are saying what you mean to say – nothing more or less.
  • Good communication creates and builds your reputation – When you send effective letters, you will ensure the recipient has respect for the way you do business.  Even in a personal letter, a well-written letter can mean the difference between maintaining a relationship and destroying it.
  • Creating the wrong impression or sending the wrong message in a letter can damage you – It’s true.  If you were to send a letter without using professional letter writing services, you might send a message you don’t mean to send.  And it’s difficult to take back a letter once it is sent.

With the Words of Value professional letter writing services, you can be certain that your ideas will be expressed effectively and clearly.  You will have a chance to review the letter writing service results to make sure you agree with the content.  If not, we will adjust the wording until you are 100% satisfied.

How Letter Writing Services Benefit You

With letter writing services, you will gain more than just a well-written letter.  Businesses and individuals find that sending the right letter the first time allows them to enjoy benefits they hadn’t expected.

  • Better relationships – When you send an effective letter because of letter writing services, you will see relationships begin to blossom.  You will have better personal and professional relationships, as you are able to send the right words at the right time.
  • Better agreements – In a professional letter, you will be able to outline the terms of an agreement so that both parties understand what is being said.  This leads to agreements that benefit both sides.
  • Increased respect – Each time you send a letter to someone else, you are putting your reputation on the line.  With a professional letter from a letter writing service, the recipient will gain respect for the work you do and for the content you have shared.
  • Improved business transactions – When you have a professionally written letter, you will not have misunderstandings about what is expected of both sides of the letter transaction.  Even if the recipient disagrees with what you have said, they will understand your message and be able to handle further communications knowing they have the full story.
  • More free time – Since you’re not going to be spending time on letter writing when you use letter writing services, you will find you have more time to work on other projects in your life and in your business.
  • Fewer disagreements – Being clear in what you have to say can prevent disagreements and arguments between companies and friends.  Using the right words leads to positive actions, not to negative reactions.

When you use the letter writing services at Words of Value, you will find it’s easier than ever to express what you mean.  No matter the content of your letter, our letter writing services are committed to making sure your words are valuable and effective.