Website Copywriters

You have probably been hearing for some time that in order to get ahead in online marketing you will need the help of a professional website copywriter. This is all well and good – but how do you know who to choose? The following is a list of traits to look for in a possible candidate.

1. A Professional Company Website.

The first thing that you need to do is fully examine your potential writer’s company website. I cannot stress the importance of doing so enough. Your writer’s website is, in essence, his or her “audition” to work for you. How is the overall look of the website? Do you like it? Is it professional and well-organized? Does the copy pull you in and make you want to learn

more – or does it leave you feeling stale and disinterested? Does the writer repeat words or worse yet, have typos in his or her website copy?

2. Quick Response Time

If you are going to be working with website copywriters, you will likely want to use them more than once – for website content updates, new articles and the like. You will not want to wait for weeks – or worse yet, months – for your writer to get back to you. Ask a few questions of your potential copywriter to see how long it takes him or her to respond. Are the replies prompt and professional? Does he or she fully answer your questions? Are there any typos in the emails? If so, this may indicate an overall sloppiness and inattention to detail – and it might be best to avoid such a writer.

3. Enthusiasm

Does your writer seem to like what they do? A website copywriter with enthusiasm is a writer who will always be resplendent with new and exciting ideas to add to your site – and this kind of enthusiasm is contagious. Fresh and alive website copy with the occasional twist of humour will charm your customers and keep them interested and coming back for more – and this will lead to increased dollars in your pocket!

4. Awareness of Modern Culture and Events


This trait might be a little more difficult to discern – but here is an idea that might help. If possible, ask to speak to your potential writer on the phone. During the course of the conversation, you might casually ask them how they feel about an event in the news that happened that week, or for their opinion about a popular film. If your writer seems confused by your question, then they probably do not feel the need to stay up-to-date with current

events – and therefore, may also be out-of-sync with the modern times. This step is of particular importance if you will be using the writer to do any kind of marketing copy, which demands full understanding about what is important to the public at any given moment.

5. Raw Talent

Let’s face it – you either have the gift – or you don’t. Ask to see a few writing samples and see what you think of them. Do you find the samples easy and entertaining to read? Or do you find yourself re-reading lines, trying to make sense of them? Do the samples look like the work of a professional? Would you like their writing style enough to buy a book written by them? You should!

These are just a few of the “auditions” you might want to consider to help make your final determination. You deserve the best – and that includes having the best website copywriter.

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