Find a Ghostwriter – Follow These 5 Steps If You Want to Find an Excellent Ghostwriter

Find a ghostwriter you can trust and who can help you boost your income by following these five simple steps. There are plenty of freelance writing services out there-but you could be wasting your marketing money if you don’t perform a careful search before hiring ghostwriter services.

Step 1: Ask for recommendations. Send an email to all your joint venture partners and ask if they work with a writer for hire. If your partners come up empty, contact the owners of websites you admire and ask where they get their copy. Many websites hire a ghostwriter to provide a constant stream of fresh content, and they may be willing to share the names of their freelance writers with you.

Step 2: Find articles which are well-written and look for the writer’s signature. Professional writers will often have a signature block at the end of an article. Click through to that person’s website and send them an email. If you liked an article written by a certain freelance writer, your customers probably will, too.

Step 3: Practice due diligence. Be wary of websites that offer writing services that are extremely cheap. Ask for samples before sending your topic list, and exchange a few emails with the writer before asking him or her to do work for you. The quality of emails reflects the quality of that person’s writing! Be sure to find out where your ghostwriter is based in the world. If you hire a ghostwriter who lives outside the United States, make sure that person has a good command of the English language.

Step 4: Seek out a number of professional writers so you can be choosy. There are several websites where you can post your projects and ask professional writers to submit bids. This process is very easy for someone who would like to find a ghostwriter because you can find exactly the right person to handle your project.

Step 5: Find a ghostwriter whom you can develop a relationship with; this way, you can have a shared vision. Hiring a ghostwriter to write for you should be part of an overall strategic marketing vision for your website. A good freelance writer will be interested in your vision and will try to write copy that reflects the message you are trying to get across. This relationship creates trust between you and the freelancer, and you can work together as a team long-term.

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