SEO Article Writing-5 Easy Steps to Effective Search Engine Optimization


SEO article writing can seem like a big mystery. It is very important to make your website’s sales copy work hard and deliver value to your readers. However, it does no good to have a great sales copy on your website if no one reads it. A few simple steps will put your articles and web pages at the top of the search engines-delivering value many times over.

Step 1: Use keywords wisely. The repetition of certain phrases might catch the search engine’s eye, but it will definitely turn your potential readers off. Repeated words within a short article are distracting and prevent you from getting your message across in a clear, concise way. A good website content writer sprinkles keywords and phrases throughout the copy so it delivers value to the reader.

Step 2: Consider other options for keywords and phrases. Your website statistics tell you exactly what phrases people used to find your site. Consider different spellings, different word orders, alternatives such as plural or singular for certain words, and even completely different ideas from the main purpose of your site. A competent freelancer can do a keyword research for you, and discover the keywords that will drive massive traffic to your website and allow your website to rank high on search engines.

Step 3: Optimize each page and the whole site is optimized. Search engines land on the most relevant page, which is often not the home page of the site. Effective SEO article writing makes sure each article fits on the individual page within the overall vision of the site. Once a visitor has absorbed the information in the article, the call to action at the end of the piece tells them to click through to another part of the site, or to buy a product or service that you are offering.

Step 4: Online freelance writers are familiar with the processes of search engine optimization. If you aren’t sure you’re optimizing correctly, or your articles aren’t delivering the search engine ranking or the number of hits you would like, have a freelancer edit your articles. Or, hire a freelance content writer to produce a series of SEO articles for you which you can sprinkle in with the others.

Step 5: Bring the message home through your call to action. Every SEO writer knows that delivering information is important, but the call to action is where the profit lies. Every article must invite the reader to do something when they’re finished: click through to a sales page, explore a topic more deeply, find out about the website owner, or buy a certain product or service.

SEO article writing isn’t a mystery. Follow a few straightforward steps and you will produce keyword optimized articles which work for you for many years, or hire an expert who can do all this for you!

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